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Facebook Group Guidelines

For private message boards, such as the private Summit Lakes group on Facebook or any message board implemented on the POA website, the following moderation guidelines will be used to keep the discussions civil and the environment safe for residents to express their thoughts and opinions on various subjects concerning the neighborhood.
  1. Message boards should be restricted to residents-only.
  2. Comments or materials that are offensive, obscene, unlawful, misleading, malicious, libelous, disparaging, discriminatory, hateful, threatening, invasive of another’s privacy, or are otherwise inappropriate will not be tolerated.
  3. Unsolicited advertisement of products and/or services are prohibited.
    1. Personal recommendations of products and/or services are allowed as long as they are requested and are helpful or useful to the community.  Questionable posts may be removed by administrators.
      • Example interaction within the rules:
        • (OP): I need a dog sitter for an upcoming vacation...any suggestions?
        • (commenter): I love SoonerPetSitters.  They have always been great to our dogs! The phone number is 555-5555.
      • Example of a prohibited post:
        • (OP): SoonerPetSitters is looking to take on more clients for the holidays.  Call 555-5555 to setup a sitter today!
    2. Advertisements for personal businesses will be removed if unsolicited. Questionable posts may be removed by administrators.
      • Example interaction within the rules:
        • (OP): Are there any music tutors in the neighborhood?
        • (commenter): I provide guitar lessons.  Let me know if you would like more info, or just call me at 555-5555.  I’ll give price breaks to Summit Lakes residents!
        • (commenter 2): My daughter teaches piano.  She is great and works well with younger students!
      • Example of a prohibited post:
        • (OP): I am offering special prices on guitar lessons to residents of Summit Lakes.  Call me at 555-5555 for info.
  4. Spirited, respectful discussions and debates will be allowed within the above guidelines of appropriate content.
  5. Postings that fall outside of these guidelines will be deleted and may result in a warning.  Multiple offenses or an egregious first offense may result in expulsion.
  6. There shall be at least one moderator/administrator for every 50 members able to utilize the message board on a given platform.
In the case of any message board run by the POA, a report should be made monthly to the board and officers with a summary of discussions and issues being posted on any message board.
In the case of a message board being run on evolving third-party software or infrastructure (such as Facebook) the following note should be displayed (replacing the word “Facebook” with the appropriate platform) when referencing the moderation guidelines:
  • Members (and admins) are at the mercy of Facebook features, changes and policies. The frequency of change by Facebook means that administrators may have to make decisions or take action sooner than these Group rules can be updated. Please understand that decisions and actions will be made in the interest of Summit Lakes, its residents, and this Group’s membership.