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Our mailing address is Summit Lakes POA, P. O. Box 5725, Norman, OK 73070.

If you are a resident needing immediate assistance, please contact our property managers, The Learia Group, at 405-701-8881. Their office address is 309 E. Main St, Norman, OK 73069.

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Residents are encouraged to add their pets to the new Pet Registry.  You can add photos, description, and contact details to speed up the recovery of a pet that got loose.  If you happen to find a stray, you can look through the photos and hopefully connect with the owner without the need of a neighborhood-wide email!

At the annual adjourned meeting, Andrew Littlefield of 309 Summit Crest Lane, Andrew Waldron of 104 Summit Ridge Ct. and Donna Davenport of 2908 Summit Hill Rd were elected to the 2013-2014 Board of Directors. Congratulations to the winners.
Thank you to Dale Dudley and Chris Lewis for the wonderful service they have performed over the past several years.  We are thankful for the time and talents they have provided to our community to make it the best HOA in Norman.
Next pickup for recycling is Friday, April 25, 2014. We will have pick up every other week on Friday. We are Cycle A on the schedule. Please contact Sanitation at 329-1023 if you have further questions.
We will be holding a general area-wide pick up of the Summit Lakes Community on Saturday, April 26th, at 8:30AM. People of all ages are welcome. Wear old clothes and bring rakes and large garbage bags we will will walk 36th Street and Alameda as well as around all the lakes to pick up trash.

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